Cabo Travel Guide

After two years of this pandemic taking away one of the things that brings me the greatest joy in this life, I knew it was time to book a trip and get away for a while. These past two years have been difficult for all of us and I all wish for is to get back to those pre-pandemic times that I took for granted. I don’t even remember a world where we didn’t have to wear masks, it has become second nature!

Mexico currently does not have any entry requirements or restrictions which made traveling there a breeze. Now returning back to the Unites Stated was a whole different story. We needed a negative Covid-19 test 1 day prior to our flight home and we had to fill out multiple entry forms online. Regardless of where you are planning to travel to, please take the time to research the travel requirements as they are constantly changing.

Transportation and Accommodation

I highly recommend using the Uber app for transportation as it is the most cost effective option when traveling to Cabo. Taxis can be quite expensive and with Uber you pay before you ride so you know there won’t be any hidden fees. I also do not recommend renting a car as it can be very difficult to find parking and it is cheaper to just take an Uber. If you are wanting to do a day trip to Todos Santos or San Jose Cabo then it would be a good idea to rent a car just for that day.

Medano Beach and Playa Santa Maria

Medano Beach is the most popular beach in Cabo. It is several miles long and boasts many hotels and restaurants along its shore. It is definitely a party beach as there is music playing from most of the hotels and restaurants. My favorite part about this beach was the soft white sand and the beautiful views of El Arco. It’s across the bay from Lovers Beach and Los Cabos Arch. We spent most of our time at the far right end of the beach which was away from all the crowds and a bit more secluded.

If you are looking for a beach that is a bit more secluded and quiet then I would recommend Playa Santa Maria. This was my favorite beach it was so breathtaking and the water was crystal clear and it was so quite and tranquil. There are umbrellas for rent, however there is no food to purchase so ensure that you pack a lunch.

Tierra Sagrada by Cabo Adventures

No vacation is complete without some type of fun adventure tour and we chose to do the Camel Safari and Ecofarm Tour. The tour started off with learning the history of Cacao and tasting some traditional chocolate which was so delicious and unlike store bought chocolate. Then we went to the rescued animal farm and there were two beautiful parrots we were able to hold and take photos with. I was French kissed by the red parrot which was very unexpected but so funny! After that it was time for the best part, the camel ride through the beautiful Cabo desert, beside the Pacific Ocean. This private secluded beach was so breath taking and the whole experience was so magical. You can tell that the animals are well taken care of and loved. They even take photos of you along the camel ride tour that you can purchase after. After the camel ride we got to meet the gentle giant Hercules, he was the largest camel there and has two large humps and we were able to feed him and hug him. Then we did a quick walking tour through the desert and learned about some different types of cactuses. There was a sign in the desert that read, ” There is no WiFi in the desert, but I promise you will find a better connection.”

It was finally time for lunch after all the fun activities and we had an all you can eat Mexican buffet lunch with things such as mole chicken, corn, beans, rice etc. It was so delicious. Make sure to stop for a photo at the famous red cabo wall with the cactuses while you are at lunch. We ended the day with a Tequila tasting and headed back.

Sunrider Sunset Dinner Cruise

My favorite tour that we chose was the sunset whale watching dinner cruise with a company called Sunrider. The tour took off at the Marina and we saw several adorable sea lions sunbathing. We sailed to the famous Arch of Cabo and I have to say the photos do not do it justice, it’s breathtaking. Make sure that you have your camera ready as there are many boats and they all take their turn at the arch. This spectacular rock formation is a popular spot for local residents and tourists alike. Located right on the edge of the southernmost point of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, this arch is over three stories tall and was created gradually as the rock eroded away. The best part about visiting during the winter season is that you can whale watch as the whales migrate for the winter to Cabo for warmer sea temperatures. The whale watching season runs from December to April and it’s amazing being this close to these magnificent creatures. We were able to spot several whales on our tour. We were served a delicious taco dinner with all the fixings and enjoyed the ride back to shore with some dancing and music! It was such an unforgettable experience.

Cabo San Lucas Marina

The Marina has endless options for food and shopping. I loved seeing all the seagulls living their best lives in the marina. It was really cool to see the fisherman coming in at the end of the day. The marina is large and takes a good 30 minuets to walk all the way around, but I highly recommend it as there are so many cute little places to stop and take a photo. It is a very tranquil area so it’s the perfect spot for watching the sunset and grabbing some dinner. There are a lot of vendors attempting to sell here as this is a tourist hub, if you are not interested just politely decline.


My favorite restaurant that we ate at was Maria Jimenez. Every single dish that came out of the kitchen looked so delicious! I ordered the chicken enchilada with the green sauce and it was hands down the best dish I had in Cabo. I loved all the color on the walls of the restaurant and the beautiful paintings. They even had a live mariachi band that came around and played. My favorite place to grab breakfast that is walking distance to Medano Beach is Bar Esquina located inside Bahia Hotel and Beach House. They had a traditional American breakfast of eggs, sausage, breakfast potatoes, and fresh pressed juice. This restaurant and hotel was beautiful. My other favorite restaurant was Solomon’s Landing which is located at the Marina. Cool fact about this restaurant is that Guy from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives ate here! I had the chicken chilaquiles per his recommendation, with the green sauce and it was so delicious. It was our final meal in Cabo and it was great to relax and overlook the beautiful Marina one last time.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and if you have any questions about Cabo please feel free to ask 🙂

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