Cabo Travel Guide

After two years of this pandemic taking away one of the things that brings me the greatest joy in this life, I knew it was time to book a trip and get away for a while. These past two years have been difficult for all of us and I all wish for is to get back to those pre-pandemic times that I took for granted. I don’t even remember a world where we didn’t have to wear masks, it has become second nature!

Mexico currently does not have any entry requirements or restrictions which made traveling there a breeze. Now returning back to the Unites Stated was a whole different story. We needed a negative Covid-19 test 1 day prior to our flight home and we had to fill out multiple entry forms online. Regardless of where you are planning to travel to, please take the time to research the travel requirements as they are constantly changing.

Transportation and Accommodation

I highly recommend using the Uber app for transportation as it is the most cost effective option when traveling to Cabo. Taxis can be quite expensive and with Uber you pay before you ride so you know there won’t be any hidden fees. I also do not recommend renting a car as it can be very difficult to find parking and it is cheaper to just take an Uber. If you are wanting to do a day trip to Todos Santos or San Jose Cabo then it would be a good idea to rent a car just for that day.

Medano Beach and Playa Santa Maria

Medano Beach is the most popular beach in Cabo. It is several miles long and boasts many hotels and restaurants along its shore. It is definitely a party beach as there is music playing from most of the hotels and restaurants. My favorite part about this beach was the soft white sand and the beautiful views of El Arco. It’s across the bay from Lovers Beach and Los Cabos Arch. We spent most of our time at the far right end of the beach which was away from all the crowds and a bit more secluded.

If you are looking for a beach that is a bit more secluded and quiet then I would recommend Playa Santa Maria. This was my favorite beach it was so breathtaking and the water was crystal clear and it was so quite and tranquil. There are umbrellas for rent, however there is no food to purchase so ensure that you pack a lunch.

Tierra Sagrada by Cabo Adventures

No vacation is complete without some type of fun adventure tour and we chose to do the Camel Safari and Ecofarm Tour. The tour started off with learning the history of Cacao and tasting some traditional chocolate which was so delicious and unlike store bought chocolate. Then we went to the rescued animal farm and there were two beautiful parrots we were able to hold and take photos with. I was French kissed by the red parrot which was very unexpected but so funny! After that it was time for the best part, the camel ride through the beautiful Cabo desert, beside the Pacific Ocean. This private secluded beach was so breath taking and the whole experience was so magical. You can tell that the animals are well taken care of and loved. They even take photos of you along the camel ride tour that you can purchase after. After the camel ride we got to meet the gentle giant Hercules, he was the largest camel there and has two large humps and we were able to feed him and hug him. Then we did a quick walking tour through the desert and learned about some different types of cactuses. There was a sign in the desert that read, ” There is no WiFi in the desert, but I promise you will find a better connection.”

It was finally time for lunch after all the fun activities and we had an all you can eat Mexican buffet lunch with things such as mole chicken, corn, beans, rice etc. It was so delicious. Make sure to stop for a photo at the famous red cabo wall with the cactuses while you are at lunch. We ended the day with a Tequila tasting and headed back.

Sunrider Sunset Dinner Cruise

My favorite tour that we chose was the sunset whale watching dinner cruise with a company called Sunrider. The tour took off at the Marina and we saw several adorable sea lions sunbathing. We sailed to the famous Arch of Cabo and I have to say the photos do not do it justice, it’s breathtaking. Make sure that you have your camera ready as there are many boats and they all take their turn at the arch. This spectacular rock formation is a popular spot for local residents and tourists alike. Located right on the edge of the southernmost point of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, this arch is over three stories tall and was created gradually as the rock eroded away. The best part about visiting during the winter season is that you can whale watch as the whales migrate for the winter to Cabo for warmer sea temperatures. The whale watching season runs from December to April and it’s amazing being this close to these magnificent creatures. We were able to spot several whales on our tour. We were served a delicious taco dinner with all the fixings and enjoyed the ride back to shore with some dancing and music! It was such an unforgettable experience.

Cabo San Lucas Marina

The Marina has endless options for food and shopping. I loved seeing all the seagulls living their best lives in the marina. It was really cool to see the fisherman coming in at the end of the day. The marina is large and takes a good 30 minuets to walk all the way around, but I highly recommend it as there are so many cute little places to stop and take a photo. It is a very tranquil area so it’s the perfect spot for watching the sunset and grabbing some dinner. There are a lot of vendors attempting to sell here as this is a tourist hub, if you are not interested just politely decline.


My favorite restaurant that we ate at was Maria Jimenez. Every single dish that came out of the kitchen looked so delicious! I ordered the chicken enchilada with the green sauce and it was hands down the best dish I had in Cabo. I loved all the color on the walls of the restaurant and the beautiful paintings. They even had a live mariachi band that came around and played. My favorite place to grab breakfast that is walking distance to Medano Beach is Bar Esquina located inside Bahia Hotel and Beach House. They had a traditional American breakfast of eggs, sausage, breakfast potatoes, and fresh pressed juice. This restaurant and hotel was beautiful. My other favorite restaurant was Solomon’s Landing which is located at the Marina. Cool fact about this restaurant is that Guy from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives ate here! I had the chicken chilaquiles per his recommendation, with the green sauce and it was so delicious. It was our final meal in Cabo and it was great to relax and overlook the beautiful Marina one last time.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and if you have any questions about Cabo please feel free to ask 🙂

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Pura Vida was one of the first phrases I learned in Costa Rica. I learned that the literal translation of the term is pure life, but the true meaning is “full of life” or “living a great life” . I definitely felt that I was full of life on this trip. Costa Rica is one of the adventure capitals of the world. From waterfalls, volcanoes, hanging bridges, hot springs, and tropical rainforest, there was something to see and do for everyone. Living a pura vida life means  having eternal optimism. It means internalizing the realization that people are not as fortunate as you, and your life is not as bad as you might think. Life is to be enjoyed thoroughly everyday, regardless of your circumstance. Always strive to live a peaceful life, enjoy the natural world around you, and build a deep relationship with your family and friends.
Transportation & Accommodations 

We rented a car from Dollar Car Rental. I would personally recommend Adobe Rent A Car. This is a 100% Costa Rican company, and they do not have hidden costs as most other car rental companies do. I highly recommend renting a car as most flights land in the capital of San Jose, and there is not much to see or do in this area. We chose to drive to La Fortuna, and we spent the first few days of our trip here. The last two days we wanted to sneak in some beach time so we headed to the beach town of Quepos. I personally loved being able to have a road trip and take in all the beauty the country has to offer. If you are pressed for time, and only have time to visit one location I highly recommend La Fortuna because this is the place everyone can find something to do, and seeing the waterfall and volcano are a must for any bucket list. We opted for Airbnb and Vrbo since it was a group of five of us traveling. Hotels and resorts in the area are rather expensive, and this was a great way to save money. What I loved about both the homes was they were very private and safe. The home in La Fortuna had a beautiful view of the volcano in the distance and it was very close to the downtown area and all of the activities we wanted to do. The other home in Quepos was in the middle of the jungle and we could see monkeys in the trees! There were yoga mats and hammocks to relax in after a day at the beach. I have the links for both listings below.

La Paz Waterfall Garden 

This was our first stop on our way to La Fortuna and it didn’t disappoint. This Garden was more like a park filled with animals and jaw dropping waterfalls. We were able to see several sloths up close, monkeys, birds, and wild cats. One thing that I found very unique to this place is that they had 26 different species of hummingbirds! This was a pricy activity to do at $48 a person. I loved that this place was a sanctuary for animals who are not able to be released back into the wild. There is a lot of hiking in this garden and let me tell you it was one heck of a workout with all the steps. Seeing the waterfalls up close was just breathtaking and made the hike worth it.
Mistico Hanging Bridges 

This was one of my favorite things we did on our trip. Remember to bring a rain jacket because you will be in the middle of the rain forest. I figured that since we were traveling during the dry season I wouldn’t need one, but boy was I wrong. Luckily, the gift shop sold rain jackets. Although it rained, it only lasted a few minutes and then the sun came back out. I loved seeing all the wildlife and the views of the volcano were incredible. I’m afraid of heights, but I loved going across those hanging bridges the views were out of this world. Just don’t look down because it can be a bit terrifying! You will get one heck of a workout here as well hiking around. The cost per adult is $26 which was definitely much more affordable. Keep in mind they only allow a certain amount of people into the park at a time, so you must call ahead and reserve a specific time slot. Also, you must have closed toed shoes to enter the park.

La Fortuna Waterfall 

If you are going to visit just one waterfall this is the one to see! This 200 foot waterfall emerges from the jungle and drops into a beautiful pool below. One thing that made this waterfall very unique was that you can swim in it, but let me warn you that water is ice cold! This is by far the most beautiful and breathtaking waterfall I have ever seen. I sat there and was just in awe of how something so incredible was a part of our earth. It is quite the hike down to the waterfall. I recommend bringing snacks and plenty of water. Of course bring your swimsuit and a towel as well.The entrance fee is $18 per person.

The Springs Resort and Spa

The Springs Resort and Spa is the place to go for ultimate relaxation. Although I have never seen an episode of the bachelor, I still though it was pretty cool that an episode of the show was filmed here. We chose to do the Multi-Adventure package. This is a two day pass to the resort. It costs $119 per person and lunch is included on one of the days. It includes unlimited access to all the hot springs and towel rentals. Two activities were included in the pass and we chose the horseback riding and the river tubing. Both activities were so much fun! After all the fun activities we spent the day relaxing in the beautiful hot springs. The hot springs come from underground water that is heated by the volcano. The water is rich in minerals and salts. The resort definitely boasts the best view of Arenal Volcano. I think for the price and everything that is included this was a great package deal.
Playa Biesanz 

This beautiful beach is in a bay which means the water was calm and perfect for swimming. If you drive here there is limited parking at the side of the road. You will walk through the jungle for about five minutes before reaching the beach. This beach had beautiful mountains in the background and was surrounded by the jungle. It was so tranquil and there was hardly anyone there. The best part was this is a public beach so it was free!


The best place to get a delicious and affordable bite to eat are these restaurants called Sodas. They are all over Costa Rica and they serve some delicious authentic dishes. Some of my favorite restaurants we dined at were; Red Frog Coffee Roasters, Que Rico Arenal Restaurante, and Cafe Milagro.

Costa Rica is by far one of my favorite countries I have visited and I think it has something for everyone to enjoy. I will definitely be back one day to explore more of its beauty. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I hope you are all staying safe and healthy!


Tulum Travel Guide

I recently returned from a trip to Tulum with my boyfriend, and we had a wonderful time. Tulum was a place that was on both of our bucket lists for quite some time, and it did not disappoint. If I could sum up Tulum in one word it would be magical! It’s a place where you can let your inner hippie out. If you see large groups of people riding their bikes, you know you are in the right place. The decor of the hotels and restaurants meshed together one into another so effortlessly. My favorite thing I kept seeing in the souvenir shops were these giant handmade dreamcatchers. They were absolutely stunning. The people were so kind and always referred to us as amigos, and they even helped us learn some Spanish. We ate tacos and guacamole every day, and never got sick of it as it was so delicious. The beaches were beautiful and the cenotes were such a cool and unique thing to see. Overall, I was blown away by Tulum, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Transportation & Accommodations

Depending upon the location you are staying, I would either recommend renting a bicycle or taking a taxi to get around. Taxis in Tulum are white with a red stripe across them, and they are designated to that area. Taxis were pretty reasonably priced. Bikes are a great idea if you are staying right by the beach. We stayed closer to downtown Tulum, so taxis worked out great.

We stayed at a new hotel in the area called Hotel Blanco. It’s an adults only hotel, and we loved the open concept of the trees and plants right outside of our balcony. The rooms were spacious, and each night when we got back from a busy day of exploring it was so quiet. We loved that it was a place that we could get a good night rest. There was a pool on the rooftop as well. The staff was very friendly and even helped us make reservations for dinner and for activities.


Cenotes are sinkholes, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes the groundwater underneath. Cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Mayans for sacrificial offerings. They were used as portals to the underworld. There are thousands of cenotes scattered throughout Mexico, and it’s something that is unique to the area. The two cenotes we visited in Tulum were Cenote Calavera and Gran Cenote. Cenote Calavera was 100 pesos a person, and it literally looks like a hole in someones back yard. It was a lot of fun! There is a ladder you can use to get into the cenote, if you don’t want to jump in. We had no idea that cenotes are freezing cold, and I would actually recommend going in by the ladder and getting wet first prior to jumping in. We came to found out that 120 skeletons were found in this cenote!

Gran Cenote was 200 pesos per person. At this cenote they make you shower prior to getting in, in order to preserve the waters. This cenote provided lockers and lifejackets for rent. There was a section where you can swim under a cave and let me tell you holy bats! I was terrified of these critters. If you are looking for some nice pictures at this location go past the main stairwell and down the second set of stairs. This is the spot with the beautiful wooden staircase and blue water where you can snap your instagram worthy photo.
While we visited the Yucatan we went to the following cenotes; Cenote Ik Kil, Oxman Cenote, and Suytun Cenote. Cenote Ik Kil is probably the most stunning cenote we visited. There are these vines that hang down into the water, and a platform which you can jump into the water. It looked like we were in the middle of the jungle swimming. Cenote Oxman had a little Tarzan type swing you could use to jump into the water. It was so much fun watching people do the jump, but I chickened out and didn’t go for it. This is definitely not for the faint of heart! The final cenote was my favorite, it was called Suytun Cenote. We arrived about 30 mins prior to closing time and this was perfect as there was hardly anyone there and we were able to get some great photos. This cenote looks like something right out of a fairytale. It just makes me wonder what sorts of rituals took place here. Remember to bring cash to enter these cenotes.


We visited three ruins while we were in Mexico. The first was the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. You can’t go to Mexico without visiting at least one ruin. What I loved about the Tulum ruins is that they overlook the Caribbean Ocean. The views are incredible and make for some beautiful photos. I recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time online as the line to purchase tickets was extremely long. We opted out of having a guide in the park. We both preferred being able to tour the ruins at our own pace.

The second site we visited was the Coba Ruins, and it was my favorite of all three. I loved the fact that you could climb the large pyramid. In order to reach the pyramid you can walk, rent a bike, or hire a bike taxi. I personally do not record walking because the hike up the pyramid is very tiring. We opted for the bike rental and it was such a fun and refreshing ride with the breeze. There are 120 steps to the top and they are very steep and much more challenging then we had anticipated. There is a rope you can hold onto as you climb up. The view at the top of the lush forest beneath is just breathtaking and so wort the climb.

The final ruin we visited was Chichen Itza, and this one was a drive for us as it is located in the Yucatan Peninsula. We hired a tour guide named Señor Cruiz and we gave him an itinerary of things we wanted to see and do, and he planned the day for us and drove us to all the locations. He is able to customize just about any type of day trip. You can find him on instagram at senorcruztours. One thing I wasn’t aware of is that Chichen Itza is still being worked on in order to renovated it to it’s original state, whereas the other two ruins were completely untouched. I was amazed at the sheer size of the pyramid and the fact that it was one of the Seven Wonders of the World was amazing!


This was an unexpected stop on our day trip with Señor Cruz and we both loved it. This town is so charming and a true hidden gem. I loved the small colorful buildings of this colonial town they reminded me of Puerto Rico. The cathedral (Iglesia de San Servicio) is an iconic symbol of this town, and the main square had live performers. I would actually recommend an entire day here to fully explore the area as there is so much to see and do.

All Tour Native 

Our hotel had a deal with this tour company, and we booked the Discover Coba Maya Encounter. What I liked about this tour company is they are committed to preserving the natural resources of Mexico. They provide a better quality of life for the locals by providing them with jobs and by keeping their culture alive. This was an all day activity packed with adventure. We started the day off by going to a Mayan village where we kayaked, zip-lined, and repelled down into a cenote. The cenote repelling was one of the highlights of the day, and such a unique experience. We were served a very delicious and traditional Mayan lunch. They served this Mayan spinach lemonade, which I know sounds disgusting, but it was so delicious. After lunch, we made the drive over to the Coba ruins and spent the last two hours here touring the place at our own pace. Transportation to and from our hotel was provided. Our tour guide was great and kept the group entertained the entire day. I loved the entire experience of this tour company and I would highly recommend them.

Playa Pocna 

Many of the beaches in Tulum are privately owned or they require you to pay a minimum fee in food for the day. We opted to go to the public beach called playa pocna instead. This beach was absolutely stunning. It even had a small outdoor gym and many different restaurants lined the beach so it was easy to find a bite to eat when we got hungry. There are umbrellas you can rent for the day and many people come around with souvenirs and snacks for sale as well. Since we weren’t staying right by the beach, we took the last day to walk the beach strip and explore. There were so many cute shops, signs, and murals. I highly recommend checking out the beach strip of Tulum.


Eating healthy in Tulum was never a problem. There were many options to suit any dietary restrictions. The first evening in Tulum we ate at Heartwood and this restaurant is rated as the top restaurant in Tulum, and for good reason the food was incredible. Their menu changes daily based on the catch of the day. I highly recommend making a reservation one month in advance as they fill up quickly.

Teetotum was a place we went for breakfast as it was right down the street from our hotel and it was very affordable. Each time we went we ordered the chicken tacos with sprouts, and we still talk about them they were that delicious.

While we were on the beach we ate at the Pocna Beach Club and Restaurant. Their tacos and potato wedged were delicious and they had these really fun swings you could sit out on as well. La Coqueta had delicious Pina Coladas and Fajitas. What I loved about this restaurant is that it was very small and intimate. They had live music and I loved the art work and decor. The Real Coconut was one of my favorites. Everything on the menu was gluten and dairy free. We loved their extensive drink menu, and their pancakes and hash browns were absolutely delicious.
Raw Love Cafe is a raw vegan restaurant. The food was so light and refreshing. I loved that the restaurant was surrounded by trees and you could hear birds chirping. We ordered the pizza and carrot cake.

Yerba Buena was the restaurant we had lunch at in Valladoid. This was such a charming restaurant full of character. I highly recommend the tamales and one of their fresh juices. If you are looking for some authentic Mexican tacos then you must eat at Taqueria Honorio. This little gem is located in Tulum’s city center. Not only is it very cheap but the tacos were amazing. I still dream about those turkey tacos they were that delicious!

Tulum is the perfect getaway for couples. We loved the mixture of relaxing on the beach and the adventure of discovering ruins and cenotes, and we can’t wait to go back one day! Thank you for reading and I hope you guys enjoy this blog post 🙂




Aruba Travel Guide

Aruba is known as “One Happy Island” and the minute you step foot into this beautiful country it’s easy to see why. The locals are kind, the food is delicious, and the beaches are breathtaking. There is truly something for everyone to do.  Aruba is like a tropical island meets desert climate. It’s the perfect destination year round as it sits below the hurricane belt. Renting a car is a must so you can explore the entire island. I highly recommend Drive4 Cheap. They were extremely affordable and easy to work with. Aruba should also be known for their roundabouts, because there was one around every corner. . I don’t know about you guys, but I have an irrational fear of roundabouts. As far as accommodations go, I highly recommend Turibana Plaza. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, and the manager at the property (Alex) was amazing and went out of his way to make sure we had a wonderful stay.

2C2B81ED-1A24-4C8C-A711-B98D40F442B0.jpegCasibiri Rock Formation                    

This beautiful rock formation is composed of towering stone boulders. Walking trails and steps were added in order to allow for hiking to the top. Once you reach the top, you will be greeted with breathtaking 360 degree views of Aruba. This is the best place on the island to snap a photo with the beautiful Mt. Hooiberg. This is a very easy hike and family friendly activity.        


Mangel Halto Beach                                

 This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Calm shallow waters make it perfect for snorkeling and kayaking. I fell in love with the wooden sundeck and stairs. This beach makes for some stunning photos. You will see the famous mangroves here as well. The only down side is that the beach here is pretty rocky so I would not recommend it for swimming.


Eagle Beach                                          

Rated as one of the top beaches in the world, and it was easy to see why. White powdery sand and beautiful blue waters. This is the perfect beach for swimming. Eagle beach is home to the iconic Divi-Divi tree. These beautiful trees are local to Aruba and you will find two of them at the very end of the beach. This beach is very famous for weddings.  


Arashi Beach 

If I had to pick a favorite beach this would be it! The view of the lighthouse is breathtaking and this is another beach that is perfect for swimming and sun-bathing. The crowds were low and parking was readily available. There was even a little cafe where you can get drinks and food.


ABC Jeep Safari Tour 

This was one of the highlights of my trip. I recommend booking the full day tour. Buy the bandana they sell to cover your face with, because this is one crazy, bumpy, dirt filled ride. You will literally be covered in dirt from head to toe by the end of the day. I have to say this is not for the faint of heart, as this is off road as it gets! It was like a crazy roller coaster ride. We saw so many amazing things on this safari such as an old gold mine, a natural bridge, the first chapel in Aruba, a lighthouse, a secret beach, a natural pool, a cave, and we ended the day swimming at a stunning beach called Baby Beach. Our tour guide was so much fun and kept the group laughing the entire day. Lunch was included as well. This tour is an absolute must!


Donkey Sanctuary 

This sanctuary was founded in 1997 in order to save the donkeys. Donkeys have lived in Aruba for over 500 years and served as the primary mode of transportation until cars were introduced to the island. Donkeys were being found injured or killed by vehicles. The donkeys at the sanctuary are well cared for, and the people that work there absolutely adore them as did I. Make sure to bring some money to buy food to feed them or you can bring some fresh apples or carrots.


Ostrich Farm 

This was definitely a very unique and different experience. It’s a quick tour that you can squeeze in the morning, and still have the rest of the day for other activities. I recommend buying the bowl of food as the tour guide will set you up to feed the ostriches. I even fed one out of my bare hands, and it was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I loved learning all types of cool facts about these beautiful creatures. They actually do not bury their heads in the ground, this is one of the myths about ostriches.


Aruba Watersports Center

This was another highlight of my trip. What I loved about the tour is that it was only a few hours long, and since we booked the morning tour we had the rest of the day to enjoy. The boat we went out on was amazing, as it had this netting at the front that you could lay out on. Make sure you actually listen to the safety debrifing as I didn’t and ended up jumping on the netting which was a big no-no. Thankfully the captain was very sweet about it. Speaking of captain, ours was amazing and so was his first mate. Their energy and hospitality made the excursion so much more enjoyable. The first stop was a stop to snorkel a sunken WWII ship, and it was one of the most incredible sites I have ever seen. Aruba is actually famous for having some of the best snorkeling sites around the world. Our second stop included a nearby beach where we snorkeled some beautiful coral and fish.


Mt. Hooiberg 

Hooiberg translates to Haystack in the Dutch language. It is a volcanic formation that can be seen virtually anywhere on the island. In 1951 a staircase was built (thank God the hike was difficult enough) and it was renovated in 1990. There are approximately 600 stairs to the top, and if you missed leg day like I did,  you will not be able to feel your legs for the next several days after the hike. I was completely out of breath when I reached the top, but the nice thing is that there is a rest stop about halfway up. The view at the top is breath taking! You can see the entire island, ocean, and even Venezuela in the distance.


Renaissance Private Island 

This was the perfect way to end my trip, but I have to say booking the tickets was a bit of a hassle. If you are not staying at the Renaissance Hotel, the way to reserve your ticket is to book online one day in advance. Tickets go on sale at seven in the morning and they go quick ! They only sell a handful of tickets each day so don’t wait until the last day of your trip to book. I would pull the website up on at least two separate devices so you have a higher chance of purchasing a ticket (  There is free parking during the day across from the Renaissance Hotel if you choose to drive there. Inside the hotel lobby is a small open area that connects to the ocean. A boat pulls up inside the lobby and a takes you to the island. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The island is open from 7am-6:45pm and the boat leaves to and from the island every 15 minutes. Once you arrive on the island you can go right or left. Left will take you to the cafe where you can use your ticket for one meal either breakfast or lunch. If you turn right it will take you to the flamingos.  Bring some quarters to buy food to feed the flamingos with. Make sure to wet the food before letting the flamingos eat it. It was incredible being this close to these amazing creatures and the island is like something out of a fairytale.


I am currently looking up one way flights to Florida as it’s 30 degrees outside, and snowing! Winter decided to come two months early! Anyone else ever feel like they live in the wrong place? These poor kiddos can’t even go trick or treating in normal weather.   Anyhow enough of my rant, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and if you book a trip to Aruba I would love to hear all about it. Have a wonderful day 🙂









Exuma Travel Guide

I recently returned from a trip from Exuma and I must say, I was shocked at how many people have never heard of the island. Exuma is known for its famous swimming pigs. Ever since I saw a video of the swimming pigs, I fell in love and knew it was something I had to add to my bucket list. I suggested a trip to my bestie and after showing her the swimming pigs we booked our flight and the rest was history. We went for the swimming pigs, but we got to see and do much more and I absolutely fell in love with the island. The island is incredibly safe, the people are so kind and genuine, and the water is unlike anything I have ever seen. It was 50 shades of beautiful blue. I highly recommend a visit to this gem of an island and I hope my guide will inspire you to book a trip.


Sure to Shore Rent a Car 

We rented a car from Sure to Shore. Janice the owner was extremely professional. The easiest way to arrange a car ahead of time is to contact her via WhatsApp. The only inconvenience is that her business is not located at the airport so you will have to drive to the car rental to do paperwork. The car will be at the airport upon arrival and that is where we dropped it off the day of our departure so that helped out a lot. If you need to vacuum the car before retuning it there is an AID in town that takes US quarters ($2.00). If you get sand in the car there is a $100 cleaning fee so save yourself some money and vacuum yourself. I highly recommend getting the insurance on the car as there are tons of potholes everywhere and the roads are very narrow. There are no stoplights and very few street signs. You drive on the left side of the road which I have to say was so hard to adjust to. I can’t tell you how many times we got lost and stopped for directions. The locals would give us directions and tell us you can’t miss it! You know what happened, we missed it over and over again, but it led us to have a true island adventure and we really got to know the island this way.  Renting a car is a must in my opinion in order to really explore the island.

Rebecca’s Place (AirBnb)

I love staying at airbnbs when I travel because it saves me a lot of money, and what better way to get good recommendations then from someone who lives on the island. Our host was amazing she replied to any question we had so promptly. The recommendations she gave us were incredible. She even gave us step by step driving instructions on how to get places. Our airbnb had everything we needed and even came with a cat! 

Aquaquest Escape 

This was the highlight of our trip and I can’t recommend this tour company enough. They will pick you up from wherever you are staying on the island or you can meet them at the Barraterre Dock. Captain Anton and his first mate Mahi made sure that everyone was having a great time and that we were safe. I loved that the tour group was small, there was only 15 of us on board. They played great music and even let us make song requests. They made sure we had plenty to drink and provided snacks. We stopped and saw celebrity homes such as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s. The animal encounters were my favorite part of the excursion.

The first stop was at Allen Cay to see the Iguanas that had inhabited this island. I was shocked at the number of them there! We were able to feed them, some people even picked them up and held them, but I wasn’t quite brave enough for all that. After this we made a quick stop to see the Turtle Man. He has a small hammer that he would hit over a conch shell and this sent the turtles swimming towards him. From there we made it to a sandbar and I had never seen one but it takes your breath away. I could have spent all day there lounging in the calm waters. After that we went to Compass Cay to swim with the sharks. This is a privately owned dock and there is a $10 fee to enter that is not included in the tour, but it is so worth it! Jumping into shark infested water was absolutely terrifying, and exhilaration at the same time. My friend Carla was terrified and told me that she would not do it, but i talked her into it and she ended up loving it. If you take this tour trust me swim with the sharks it’s truly a once in a life time opportunity.

From there we stopped for lunch and had the most delicious buffet everything was cooked to perfection and you could have as much as you wanted. Lunch was also not included in the tour and it was just under $30 which is a great price for Exuma as food is expensive there and the portion was large. After this we went to see the famous swimming pigs. I have to say I was shocked at the size of the pigs they were huge! I was like a little kid squealing with delight when I saw them. Seeing pigs swimming is so crazy. Make sure to go on shore and see the baby piglets they were so cute, but just be careful of the mama pig she can be aggressive. We also stopped and snorkeled the Pablo Escobar sunken plane wreck and a giant underground piano with a mermaid on it. This was a full day tour,  jam packed with so much adventure! Keep in mind this is a speedboat so if you tend to get seasick that some medication as you will literally be flying through the air! The cost of the tour is $220 per person which yes is very expensive, but to me it was worth every penny because it truly was the ultimate bucket list excursion.

CoCo Plum Beach 

Cocoplum beach is at the northern end of the island and definitely a drive from the center of town. There will be a concrete slab on the right hand side of the road that is painted blue, this is where you turn and you will drive through a crazy gravel road filled with potholes, but once you reach the end and see that beautiful beach it will all be worth it. Make sure you go early in the morning during low tide as you will be able to walk out as far as the eye can see and the water will only be about knee deep. The scenery there was so beautiful and I loved the two swing sets! It was so much fun playing on the swings, whoever thought to do that was a genius. As the day went on, the few people that were there left and we had the entire beach to ourselves! That’s what I loved about Exuma so much is that at times I felt as if we were on our own private island. This was hands down one of my favorite beaches and a must see! 


We spend our Sunday at Stocking Island visiting the famous Chat-N-Chill. They do a pig roast there every Sunday and the food is fantastic! Take the Elvis Water Taxi to the island as the only way to get there is by boat. It is $15 round trip for the taxi. We were greeted at the dock by the island pimp (yes that is what he called himself, and he was dressed exactly like one too!). He asked us if we wanted anything to drink and I asked for some coconut water and instead got some coconut infused rum. I don’t drink alcohol so I though it was awful, but Carla got a kick out of it. Make sure to check out the souvenir shop and grab a fresh conch salad it was to die for! The cool thing about this island is that there are stingrays in the water that you can swim with and you can even feed them. Just ask the guy at the conch stand for some scraps. There are swings and hammocks and the vibe on the island was all about relaxation. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday. Make sure to snap a photo with the famous directional sign there and play with the cats! 

The Salt Marker

We stumbled upon the salt marker when we were headed to the southern tip of the island to grab some food at Santana’s. The marker is past the Tropic of Cancer, but before Santana’s restaurant and it will be on your left hand side. There is a quick hike up to the top and the views are out of this world beautiful! We learned that the salt marker served as a marker to guide vessels to the salt ponds. Exuma is a relatively flat island so this made it the perfect spot for the salt industry. You honestly can’t miss it from the road it’s 30 feet tall. This is definitely worth the stop for the incredible 360 views and it makes for some stunning photos. 

Tropic of Cancer Beach 

This was another one of my favorite beaches on the island. The water in Exuma is so pure and clean it really is unlike anything I have ever seen. The Tropic of Cancer latitude runs along this beach (hence the name). If I had to pick a beach that was the prettiest this one would win the vote. Powdery soft white sand, turquoise water, and two beautiful islands off in the distance. We met a man from Stuttgart, Germany (I used to live there growing up) that owned a property near by. He offered to let us use his kayak and the next thing we knew we were out in the middle of the ocean kayaking! That is one thing I love about traveling is meeting people from all over the world.

Hoopers Bay 

This beach was recommended to us by our airbnb host and I am so happy we took the time to see it. Getting to this beach is a bit tricky. If you are staying in Georgetown, head back towards the airport. You will see a green medical clinic/ dentist on the left and then a larger sign that says Exuma Building Supplies. Right across the street from there you will see the beach access sign and a narrow path down to the beach. Look for the longest dock on the beach this is where the turtles like to hang out at. The long dock provides a nice shade and is a perfect calm area for swimming, It was incredible seeing turtles small and big swim up to us. We could have easily spent the entire day here.

Restaurants & Food 

Food was kind of a hit and miss on the island so I will only mention the places I think are a must to stop and grab a bite. Big D’s Conch Spot was one of my favorite spots, the grilled conch was so delicious I could have ate there every night. Their raw conch salad was amazing too, but had a little bit of a kick to it. Exuma is know for their conch salad so it is a must when visiting, What I noticed about the service at most restaurants is that it was very slow (island time) so go to dinner well before you are hungry as you will be waiting for your food.

Santana’s was another place that stood out in my mind I had the BBQ ribs and they were so delicious. The view of the ocean from our table was incredible.

My favorite meal that I had on the trip would be from the Rusty Anchor. This restaurant is located inside February Point Resort and is open to the public. We took a gamble and did not make a reservation. We were seated within minutes. This is the nicest restaurant on the island, but you don’t have to dress up guests were there in their flip-flops and casual wear. I opted for the grilled lobster and veggie plate and it was WOW! I am still thinking about that meal, it was that delicious and service was exceptional.

I hope you guys enjoyed this travel guide to Exuma and if you end up visiting I would love to hear all about it!